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Hello to the world at large. I am here to introduce myself first. I am Shar'ron Johnson-Wilkins from Oakland, CA and I've been living in Antioch, CA. for the past twelve years. I have worked the school districts, warehouse and a Tax Prepare for 25 years. Taxes use to be a passion of mine because I was able to get my client;s most of their money back, until the I. R. S. decided to take away many of the past write-offs. During my off season I have always cooked; and cooking has always been a number one passion of mine. 

 I have been cooking since I was 18 years old to the present. I received my culinary skills from my mother and father and learned automatically how to make their dishes my own. This was only the beginning up until now. My dad work in a Chinese restaurant and taught me how to make small portions of food go a long way. Mama, worked the schools and managed the college cafeteria at Laney College. I learned so much!

 I love being creative and never cooking the same dish the same. I've been cooking for family members and friends for many years. I've had  the opportunity to cater parties, picnics, bar-b-ques,  ribbon cuttings, birthday parties, wedding receptions and repasts. So by now you get the overall picture of what I do. You have to love and have a passion for this line of work. I've been watching many good cooks over the years that have been to culinary schools to learn how to cook fancy, etc but I feel very secure about everything I present to you as my client's. One day I'll have the opportunity to cook for the staff on Food Network. Lots of laughs but I'm serious. The only words I can vision hearing from them is, "Where did she come from! "As cooks we all share one thing in common, we feel that we all cook good in our own way. I'm coming out of the closet so to say....What i'm trying to say here is it's time for me to service the world. That's enough of my service. 

I'm here to service whatever your little, in between or big desire. 

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To The Next Level Of 

Shar'rons Food Creations.

I offer Green Beans with all colors of the bell peppers etc. with or without chicken. Stuffed Cabbage, A 

Macaroni and Cheese that you've never seen or taste before. Sweet Potato, Fried Fish, Pork Chops, Neck Bones and Potatoes, Dry Fried Ribs and Chicken. Collared Greens with a hint of Cabbage, Smoother TB Steaks and Heaven is just around the corner. 

Turkey or Beef Chili and Lord have mercy...Smoked Riblets. A Taco Salad  with one of my specialty's Guacamole something I guarantee you'll never get enough of. On the list is a Fruit Bowl that I'll display that I did at my Sis Andrea reception this August, 2016.

Even though there is much more to offer but I have little space left to include my Sweet Potato Pies, Special Red Velvet and 7-Up Pound my Pastor Eugene said, you get a smile with every bit! Another favorite of my client's is Sliced Cucumbers with other healthy added ingredient's.  An awesome way to shed extra pounds. And since I am a health fanatic I've been doing Veggie and Fruit Smoothies for three years. This is  something else that I have mastered...I have a strong food palate and everything has to taste good! Even when it comes to raw vegetables. Nothing like store bought. My doctor told me not to lose anymore weight...the funny thing about that, I wasn't trying to lose any weight...

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I hope you gotten to know me pretty well at this time. Last but least I would like to thank God, my awesome son's Steve and Victor, Daughter-In-Law Jena, Granddaughter's, Shardaya, Jaelyn and Alliyah for being there for me and pushing me to strive toward my vision. 

 It's  time for the holidays so if you are out of town or can still place orders with me. I send cakes as far as to St. Louis, Oregon, Texas, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Oakland... 

I have provided you with all information needed so please don't hesitate to call or look me up.

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To The Next Level Of Shar'rons Food Creations

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